Surlock Tool Organizer-For Garages (Silver/Red) (2"H x 20"W x .5"D) Review

Surlock Tool Organizer-For Garages
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I love this item and I've found it hard to find a similar item in local hardware stores. It's great for getting shovels, brooms, mops, etc. up off the floor.

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It's no mystery that the best way to organize your tools is with the Surelock Tool Organizer. This wall mounted organizer will securely hold all of your garden tools, home tools, and other items! This rack features five spring action gripping arms, and 6 storage tools, and the whole rack can hold up to 100 pounds. Store everything from paintbrushes to sledgehammers! Keep your tools secure, safe and organized with the Surelock Tool Organizer! Constructed from steel. Screw holes are 12 inches apart. Mounting hardware is NOT included. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

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